3 men charged in murder of Trenton teen Shaela Johnson

A brutal murder case has finally been solved.

Three defendants have been charged in connection with the November 2018 slaying of 19-year-old Shaela Johnson and the subsequent torching of the suspected getaway vehicle.

Nazier Francois (left) and Keith Hamilton are two of the three defendants charged in connection with the November 2018 murder of 19-year-old Trenton woman Shaela Johnson.

Nazier Francois (left) and Keith Hamilton are two of the three defendants charged in connection with the November 2018 murder of 19-year-old Trenton woman Shaela Johnson.

Nazier “Fredo” Francois and Watson “Boone” George have each been charged with first-degree accomplice liability felony murder while the third defendant, Keith S. Hamilton, has been charged with second-degree conspiracy to commit aggravated arson and fourth-degree conspiracy to destroy physical evidence.

Francois, 20, of Trenton, and George, 19, of Ewing, are accused of being the gunmen who shot and killed Johnson in broad daylight. The victim was shot at least 14 times by two gunmen who sprayed up the 800 block of Stuyvesant Avenue outside of a deli around 2:15 p.m. Nov. 27, 2018. She was on probation at the time of her violent death.  Read more

Trenton man arrested for for 2018 daylight murder of 19-year-old Shaela Johnson

Nazier Francois

Nazier Francois

TRENTON — A city man has been arrested for the murder of 19-year-old Shaela Johnson.

Mercer County Prosecutor’s Office announced Friday that Nazier Francois, of Chambers Street, is charged with murder and numerous other offenses, including attempted murder, conspiracy, aggravated assault, aggravated arson, weapons and tampering with evidence, related to the November 27, 2018 shooting death of Johnson.

The daylight killing of Johnson shocked the city as surveillance video showed two men jump out of a vehicle and gun down a woman, later identified as Johnson, in front of a deli on the 800 block of Stuyvesant Ave.Read more

Convicted killer gets 47 years in Trenton murder case, vows to appeal

Edward Kevin Nock (contributed photo)

Edward Kevin Nock (contributed photo)

Convicted murderer Isaac Grey smiled and blew kisses Friday after a judge had sentenced him to more than 40 years of incarceration.

Despite being convicted of stabbing and killing Edward Nock, the defendant declared he is not the perpetrator who had attacked the victim at knifepoint.

“Your honor, I am no bad guy,” he told the court on Friday. “I am innocent, your honor. I didn’t do it, but I do take blame for letting other individuals in the house and letting it get out of hand.” Read more

Trenton homicide trial ends with murder conviction, justice for Mooky Johnson

The man who shot and killed 26-year-old Jermaine “Mooky” Johnson in an April 2016 broad daylight execution has been convicted.

Jamar McCoy

Jamar McCoy

Jamar McCoy, 35, of Ewing, has been found guilty of murder and weapons offenses in connection with the brazen crime.

A trial jury handed down the verdict on March 14, exposing McCoy to decades of prison time when he is sentenced later this year.

Johnson, a city resident, was shot at least five times while sitting inside a Nissan Murano that was parked in a driveway on Hillcrest Avenue in Trenton’s West Ward near Cadwalader Park April 29, 2016. He later died at the hospital. Read more

Trenton man gets life imprisonment for murdering Chevin Burgess and torching victim’s body

Convicted murderer Calier Samad is serving a life sentence at Trenton’s state prison while a co-defendant in the case has received a significantly less severe punishment.

Calier Samad

Calier Samad

Samad, 31, of Trenton, was sentenced last month to 75 years of incarceration for murdering 22-year-old Chevin Burgess during the commission of a 2014 armed robbery and setting the victim’s body on fire in a vicious post-murder plot.

Life imprisonment is defined as 75 years of incarceration under New Jersey state law.

The co-defendant in the case, Joeryan Foreman, 26, of Trenton, pleaded guilty to second-degree aggravated arson and received eight years of incarceration for his role in the heinous crime, court records show. Read more

Trenton gunman murders Mason’s barber in 2013 robbery, gets convicted at trial

Zaire Smith

Zaire Smith

A city man has been convicted of murdering popular local barber Rasheen Jones during the commission of a July 2013 armed robbery.

Zaire K. Smith, 24, of Trenton, faces 30 years to life in prison after a jury found him guilty this week of first-degree felony murder and related offenses in the grisly slaying of Jones.

The murder occurred on July 23, 2013, when Smith and co-defendant Knovell Desmond targeted Jones in a senseless stickup. Read more

Mother who abandoned newborn girl gets state prison term

Yardis Perez-Perez (MCPO)

Yardis Perez-Perez (MCPO)

A mother who abandoned her newborn daughter in a vacant building in New Jersey’s capital city last year is now headed to prison.

Yardis Perez-Perez pleaded guilty last December to manslaughter and child endangerment charges. She was sentenced Friday to concurrent five-year state prison terms with no chance for early release.

Perez-Perez gave birth to a nameless child and left the baby girl for dead following a night of debauchery that involved drugs and wild sex on South Broad Street.

Mercer County prosecutors say the 27-year-old Trenton resident’s child was only a day or two old when she was found April 23 in a vacant building. They say Perez-Perez gave birth to the child and abandoned her a short time later, providing little or no care for the infant.

The newborn’s cause of death was ruled the result of “neonatal abandonment following unattended birth” with a contributing cause of death listed as “maternal use of heroin, fentanyl, and cocaine.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Pennsylvania inmate confesses in Trenton vehicular homicide case

A city man already incarcerated for violent crime in Pennsylvania will serve at least three more years in state prison for striking and killing 44-year-old John Covington in a vicious vehicular homicide in Trenton’s West Ward.

Robert McFadden

Robert McFadden

Robert McFadden, 26, of Trenton, admits he mowed down Covington on the 500 block of Rutherford Avenue near Gregory Elementary School. The reckless death by auto occurred about 7:15 p.m. Jan. 16, 2015.

McFadden slammed into Covington as the victim was crossing the street while pushing a shopping cart, The Trentonian previously reported. Authorities at the time said McFadden was driving while intoxicated but stopped his vehicle and remained at the scene following the deadly crash. Read more

Gunman who murdered Trenton teen Shamere Melvin now expresses remorse, gets 42 years in prison

Convicted murderer Alberto “Choppy” Lopez has finally been punished for his deadly crimes.

Alberto Lopez

Alberto Lopez

A Superior Court judge on Friday sentenced Lopez to 42 years of incarceration for executing 17-year-old Shamere Melvin during a planned robbery in the streets of Trenton.

“He is greatly missed; he was the glue of my family,” the victim’s mother Natasha Melvin said at Friday’s sentencing hearing. “He didn’t deserve the way he was executed.”

Lopez, 21, of Trenton, pointed a handgun at Melvin and fired a single shot into the victim’s forehead about 8:40 p.m. Dec. 18, 2013. The incident occurred on the 300 block of North Clinton Avenue near Trenton Police headquarters back when Lopez was 16. Read more

Jury convicts Trenton man in 2015 Donnelly Homes slaying

The man accused of fatally stabbing 43-year-old Edward Nock at a city housing complex in 2015 is now facing 30 years to life in prison as a convicted felon.

Edward Kevin Nock (contributed photo)

Edward Kevin Nock (contributed photo)

Isaac Grey, 35, of Trenton, has been found guilty of murder, tampering with a witness, bribery and possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose for allegedly killing Nock at the Donnelly Homes on June 30, 2015, according to the Mercer County Prosecutor’s Office.

Handing down its swift verdict on Wednesday, the trial jury actually acquitted Grey of unlawful possession of a weapon. The alleged killer, however, still faces decades behind bars on the murder conviction alone, authorities said.

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