U.S. Marshals arrest Trenton murder suspect in Atlanta

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TRENTON — At-large murder suspect William Marshall, who was wanted for the Nov. 16 homicide of his ex-girlfriend Ruschell Fireall, was arrested Monday afternoon in Atlanta, according to Trenton Police Director Ralph Rivera Jr.

William Marshall

“He was picked up today in Atlanta, Ga., by U.S. Marshals and local authorities,” Rivera said Monday night of the arrest of Marshall. “U.S. Marshals had been looking at investigative leads on him over the last several days.”
The officers nabbed Marshall inside a residential household on the 3800 block of Camp-Creek Parkway, according to Rivera.
“He gave a little resistance. He tried to avoid police apprehension, and I believe he had to be Tasered to arrest,” Rivera said of Marshall. “My understanding was that he was unarmed.”

Marshall, 44, was considered armed and dangerous. He’s accused of chasing 42-year-old Fireall, his ex-girlfriend, until she parked her car on the sidewalk of the 300 block of Pennington Avenue.
Fireall, who had placed a restraining order against Marshall, got out of her car to confront him when she was fatally shot multiple times earlier this month, according to police.

Ruschell Fireall

Rivera praised the U.S. Marshals for getting Marshall off the street, saying, “A very dangerous guy has been arrested. We’re very happy to hear this individual has been captured.”
According to New Jersey court records, Marshall had served time in prison on assault and burglary charges.
Marshall on Monday was being held in the state of Georgia. He could waive extradition and soon be transported to New Jersey to answer his charges here. If Marshall doesn’t waive extradition, Rivera said Trenton Police Department Detective Edgar Rios and Mercer County Prosecutor’s Office Sgt. Tom Watters will be in Georgia on Thursday to question Marshall.
“We can’t wait,” Rivera said. “We want to get this resolved and interview him as soon as possible.”
Fireall was a mother who became the city’s 21st homicide victim of 2012. The city as of Monday had 22 homicide victims this year.
“I’m just happy that with all the negative things that are going on in Trenton that officials took a priority to ensure this gentleman was captured,” Trenton City Council President Phyllis Holly-Ward said on Monday of Marshall’s arrest.

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