Accused killer of 13-year-old Tamrah Leonard due in court Friday

TRENTON — Final pretrial matters will be attended to tomorrow ahead of the Lamar Warren trial later this month.
Warren is the last man standing in the 2009 slaying case of 13-year-old Tamrah Leonard, all others involved have taken plea deals.

Lamar Warren

Lamar Warren

In July of 2012 Warren rejected a plea deal that would have sent him to prison for 50 years for pleading guilty to Leonard’s murder.

Leonard was gunned down at a block party on Martin Luther King Boulevard where she was the only person hit in a retaliatory gang shooting by rival Sex Money Murder Bloods gang members.
The intended targets were Gangster Killer Bloods who had allegedly shot a SMM member the day before. It was alleged that a bullet from the gun fired by Lamar Warren killed Leonard.
Seven men were charged in the death, Sex Money Murder gangsters Rasheed Miller, Robert Humphrey, James James, and Michael Jennings, all accepted plea deals for their roles in the killing in May of 2012.
Wheelman Keith Warren pleaded guilty in January 2012 to aggravated manslaughter in return for a 20-year prison term.
Tamrah Leonard

Tamrah Leonard

Bernard Baines — who said he fired two shots into the partying crowd before his gun jammed — pleaded guilty to aggravated manslaughter in a plea deal in exchange for a 25-year prison term, instead of the stiffer sentence he would have faced if he was found guilty at trial for the June 7, 2009, shooting death.
Lamar Warren’s trial is set for January 22, if convicted he faces the possibility of life in prison.

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