Trial for 13-year-old’s murder postponed

The trial for Lamar Warren, the seventh and final defendant in the murder of 13-year-old Tamrah Leonard, has been postponed as Warren will be changing attorneys.

Lamar Warren

Lamar Warren

Jury selection was to start on Tuesday, but instead Judge Mark Fleming met with prosecutors and Warren’s public defender, Ronald Garzio, behind closed doors.
It had come to light that Garzio had impermissible contact with two of the state’s witnesses. Fleming did not reveal who Garzio had contacted or what the nature of the communication was, but did have Garzio step down as Warren’s lawyer.

Frank Gleason was appointed as Warren’s attorney. To give him time to get caught up on the case, Fleming set a conference date for next Tuesday.
Leonard was killed in 2009 when Warren and six others allegedly drove by a block party on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard in two vehicles firing numerous shots.
Warren and his accomplices were members of the gang Sex Money Murder and they were looking to kill Gangster Killer Bloods.
Leonard, who was a bystander of the shooting, died from a gunshot wound to the back.
Tamrah Leonard

Tamrah Leonard

The other six defendents — Rasheed Miller, Robert Humphrey, James James, Michael Jennings, Keith Warren and Bernard Baines — have all accepted some form of a plea agreement.

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