Comment of the Day: Don’t forget my niece

Today’s Comment of the Day comes by way of our Facebook page, where visitor Neema Hopkins-Nock asked about a case from nearly five years ago involving her niece Qua’Daishia Hopkins, who was just 10 years old when she was killed in an arson fire in Trenton.

Hi I just wanted to know because my family never heard anything else about my neice Qua’daishia’s murder r yall still investigating her case or was she just forgottin….” — Neema Hopkins-Nock.

We’re including our response here as an explanation for her and to anyone who may be wondering whether their loved one will be featured on this site. As you’ll see in the response below, we encourage anyone affected by a homicide in Trenton to reach out to us to keep the dialogue going on current investigations and cases, as well as those in the past.

Our response to Neema:

Hello Neema. Thank you for reaching out to us. We only started this site in September of last year and we began with all of the homicides that occurred in Trenton in 2012. Since beginning, we’ve now continued on in to this year’s cases and over the course of our short run so far we’ve gone back and added cases from previous years as new developments have occurred—arrests have been made, court proceedings, etc. We haven’t been able to go back and investigate or add new reporting on every case ever. Qua’daishia’s murder in 2008 was definitely one that shook the city up and should not be forgotten. If you’d like, we could get you in touch with a reporter who could catch everyone up on what’s happened with the investigation, where it stands now and what your family has gone through over the past five years to make sure that she is not forgotten. Get in touch with me through a private message here or at with contact information for yourself or any family members who would like to speak with us and we’ll get something together. Perhaps you’d also have photos of Qua’daishia that you’d like to share or any documents related to the case, anything, it could be a big help in providing a full picture of the situation. Thank you again for reading and for reaching out. I hope to hear from you. —Joe D’Aquila”

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