Comment of the Day: ‘Restore integrity in our community’

Today’s comment of the day come from our Facebook page, where a passionate discussion developed over the case of Andre Corbett’s killing, including comments from supporters of both the victim and the accused.
In that thread, Trenton community activist Darren “Freedom” Green stepped in to leave a thoughtful response.

Our health begins in our HOMES-restoring order, pride, love, and discipline in OUR BABIES,” Green wrote. “If everyone simply does that, we get better overnight through application. Second we have to make EDUCATION our number one focus, Our Babies kill and die in the streets for many reasons-EDUCATION is one of them. EDUCATED people don’t say dumb things like STOP SNITCHING when people are murdered. We have to restore INTEGRITY in our community, reporting wrong, standing up for each other, and working with police to remove CRIMINALS. We should be tired of hanging sheets, tired of lighting dam candles, tired of pouring out liquor-it’s time to clean up block by block. Our now and future DEPENDS on US-we can shine and grow, or keep dying and staying “low”. Peace!”

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