Murder suspect who thought he was being chased by martians indicted

An accused murderer, who thought he was being chased by aliens, was hit with a 14-count indictment for robbing and killing one man and attempting to kill another.

Jack Isabell’s charges include three counts of first degree murder, felony murder and attempted murder on top of all the robbery, weapons and drugs charges he got during after the authorities’ investigation into his alleged crimes. He also has a murder charge that makes the 41-year-old eligible for a mandatory sentence of life without parole. That specific charge was created when the death penalty was abolished in 2007, according to the Mercer County Prosecutor’s office.

Since his arrest in April, he has undergone a court-ordered mental health evaluation.

“I think Mr. Isabell is a very dangerous individual and obviously he has some mental issues,” Mercer County Assistant Prosecutor Lewis Korngut said during a September court hearing. “When he was arrested, he said something about the Martians were coming after him or something to that effect.”

On April 7 of this year, Hayes was allegedly involved in two separate shootings. The first one was the alleged robbery and murder of 34-year-old city resident Raheim Hayes. Isabell allegedly robbed Hayes inside his brother’s house and shot him in the head. He took two black bags containing crack cocaine, a digital scale, two black jackets and a handgun. Shortly after, the second shooting that night left a 22-year-old man wounded on the corner of Smith and Beatty streets. The victim was shot while walking to buy in milk. Prosecutors said Isabell had “no apparent reason” for the shooting. Hayes’ body was discovered two days later by a woman in the home.

Police arrested Isabell in a park two hours after the second shooting and was found allegedly with Hayes’ blood splattered on his clothes.

Isabell remains behind bars on $1.25 million bail.

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