Pedestrian killed in Trenton identified

Police guard the scene of a hit-and-run fatality Tuesday morning. (Penny Ray - Trentonian)

Police guard the scene of a hit-and-run fatality Tuesday morning. (Penny Ray - Trentonian)

The woman who was killed by a hit-and-run driver early Tuesday morning has been identified as 39-year-old Lea Pringle, of Yardley, Pennsylvania.

Pringle was hit in nearly the exact same spot where a man lost his leg earlier this week after an alleged drunk driver hit and pinned him between two cars.

Officials say Pringle was struck by a motorist around 12:30 a.m. Tuesday in the 600 block of North Olden Avenue, just outside of Benny’s bar. She later died at the hospital.

Lea Pringle (Facebook photo)

Lea Pringle (Facebook photo)

Based on evidence left at the scene, police believe the driver was in a silver Saturn with black pinstriping. Officials expect the car will have heavy front-end damage.

A man who identified himself as the manager of Benny’s said motorists continually speed through the area, which consists of residential housing on both sides of the street, and regularly has several cars parked outside of homes.

In fact, a man was entering his legally parked Chevy Camaro earlier this week when an alleged drunk driver struck him at a high rate of speed, pinning him between the two cars and severing his left leg from his body.

Anyone with information about the driver that hit Pringle is asked to call police at 609-989-4155.

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