Jury convicts Trenton man in 2014 murder case, co-defendant confesses guilt

Calier Samad (left) and Joeryan Foreman

Calier Samad (left) and Joeryan Foreman

Convicted murderer Calier Samad is facing a long prison sentence in the near future.

Samad, 31, of Trenton, was found guilty Thursday afternoon of felony murder, first-degree robbery, possession of a firearm for an unlawful purpose and aggravated arson in the grisly 2014 slaying of 22-year-old Chevin Burgess, according to the Mercer County Prosecutor’s Office. 

On the evening of Jan. 4, 2014, city firefighters found Burgess dead inside a burning car on the 100 block of Hart Avenue in Trenton. A medical examiner later determined Burgess’ death to be a homicide caused by a gunshot wound.

Samad and co-defendant Joeryan Foreman were later charged in connection with Burgess’ death. Foreman, 25, of Trenton, pleaded guilty earlier this year for his role in the violent crime and awaits sentencing.

Samad took his case to trial and lost Thursday as a jury of his peers convicted him on most counts. The jury acquitted Samad on the counts of purposeful murder and possession of a handgun without a permit to carry, but his conviction on the felony murder count alone is enough to guarantee he will serve 30 years to life in prison due to his accomplice liability exposure, prosecutors said.

Burgess was shot and killed during the course of a robbery. Prosecutors say Samad shot Burgess in the head and that the body was then driven to Hart Avenue, doused with gasoline and set on fire. Because Foreman aided Samad in the violent crime, the jury may have considered that as a factor in finding Samad not guilty on some of the counts in the indictment.

Mercer County Superior Court Judge Darlene Pereksta is expected to sentence Samad to a heavy term of incarceration in the coming months.

Trentonian staff writer Penny Ray contributed to this report.

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