Justice slowly prevails in 2011 Trenton murder of U.S. Army veteran Dardar Paye

(From left) Mack Edwards, Abdutawab Kiazolu, Danuweli Keller, Phobus Sullivan and William D. Brown

(From left) Mack Edwards, Abdutawab Kiazolu, Danuweli Keller, Phobus Sullivan and William D. Brown

The family of slain U.S. Army veteran Dardar Paye, whose body was stuffed inside the trunk of a car after being murdered execution style in 2011, is close to getting full and total justice for their loss.

In addition to Danuweli Keller being convicted in the case and sentenced to 61 years of incarceration, three other co-defendants have recently pleaded guilty for their roles in the crime and the fifth co-defendant is already serving a 50-year prison sentence for killing another victim in an unrelated case. Read more

Suspected gunman in Army vet’s murder gets new attorney, trial will go forward

Danuweli Keller didn’t call Saul.

He called Mark “Hung Jury” Fury – a man who has represented convicted killer and former Latin Kings leader Jose “Boom Bat” Negrete as well as Isiah Greene, who is accused of gunning down high-ranking Bloods leader Quaadir “Ace” Gurley.

Sporting Kanye West-like aviator shades inside the building, Fury walked through the courthouse to an interview room to speak with Keller prior to a pretrial hearing Tuesday ahead of the September murder trial.

Fury was appointed by the public defender’s office to represent the suspected gunman following a series of lawyer blunders – including the suspension of former attorney Richie Roberts – that left Keller attorney-less.

A second attorney last month withdrew from the case after he told a judge he could no longer represent Keller because his family reneged on fully paying a retainer fee.Read more

Another attorney dips out in murder trial for men accused of killing Army vet

Better Call Saul.

The suspected gunman in the oldest Mercer County has attorney problems, as yet another one ducked out of his homicide case.

Danuweli Keller was dealt another blow Friday, when his new attorney, Thomas Verrastro, asked a judge to be let out of the case, which is scheduled for trial in September.

Judge Robert Billmeier reluctantly allowed Verrastro to withdraw.

“I consider this the eve of trial,” Billmeier said, even though the trial is about three months out.

He indicated he would not put the trial on hold.Read more