Confession: Trenton infanticide involved heroin use, pregnant sex during labor

The infant homicide case that shocked the capital city two weeks ago is a horrible tale of death and despair. Yardis Perez-Perez gave birth to a nameless child and left the baby girl for dead following a night of debauchery that involved drugs and wild sex on South Broad Street, according to court documents. While … Read more →

Trenton mother charged with leaving newborn inside abandoned home

Prosecutors have charged the Trenton mother who left her newborn baby girl to die after giving birth to her in an abandoned home on South Broad Street, authorities said. Yardis Perez-Perez, 27, was hit with charges of manslaughter and child endangerment. Sources who spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss … Read more →

Yardis Perez-Perez

Suspected in the April 23, 2018, death of Newborn Perez-Perez.