Final defendant in Leonard slaying rejects plea deal, wants a trial

Judge Mark Fleming wanted to make sure Lamar Warren knew exactly what he was doing.
Warren, one of seven men implicated in the murder of 13-year-old Tamrah Leonard in 2009, turned down a deal of 50 years in prison to bring the case to trial.

Lamar Warren

Lamar Warren

The other six men — Rasheed Miller, Robert Humphrey, James James, Michael Jennings, Keith Warren and Bernard Baines — have all accepted some form of a plea agreement.

Fleming asked Warren if he knew he could face 85 years-to-life if the case went to trial, if he has seen the evidence against him, if he was aware that his alleged accomplices took plea deals and that their cooperation with authorities would “substantially” implicate him in Leonard’s murder.
Standing up in a orange Mercer County Corrections uniform in handcuffs and shackles, Warren answered yes to every single question.

“This is about as clear as a murder can be,” prosecutors said.

Leonard died from a gunshot wound to the back when the suspects in two vehicles sprayed a block party on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard with bullets.

Tamrah Leonard

Tamrah Leonard

The crew was part of the gang Sex Money Murder and they were looking to kill members of the Gangster Killer Bloods. Leonard was a bystander in the shooting.
The case will go to trial on Jan. 22.

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