About Homicide Watch Trenton

Homicide Watch Trenton is a community-oriented news site sponsored by The Trentonian that aims to provide clear information about homicides and the tools necessary to record, report and share our experiences and losses within Trenton, NJ.

Organized around the victims, this site provides context for each crime, linking a victim’s biographical details to the investigation and prosecution of his or her death. From social networking profiles to obituaries, news coverage and court documents, all public information related to a case will appear on the victim’s page. Friends, family members, neighbors and others are encouraged to contribute.

Taken as a whole the victims pages will create a clearer picture of violent crimes in Trenton, and the maps and databases used to record each individual death will help explain how each case fits into the larger picture of crime in our community.

We look forward to interactive maps and custom search options, as well as publishing public documents related to cases. Most of all, we look forward to building a useful resource that creates a public record of our most tragic losses.