Aljava Gaither sentenced to 12 years for aggravated manslaughter

TRENTON- A city man was sentenced today for shooting another man to death, over a $10 dispute.
Aljava Gaither pleaded guilty to aggravated manslaughter in October and, in accordance with his plea agreement, was sentenced to 12 years in prison on Tuesday morning.

Aljava Gaither

Aljava Gaither

Gaither fatally shot and killed Craig Fitzgerald in April over a $10 dispute.

According to reports, Fitzgerald, 24, left his home the night of April 9th, armed with wooden club because he knew he might encounter Gaither, 21, and end up discussing their months-long dispute about the money. The two men did meet that night, and began an argument inside the Reyes Supermarket on Calhoun Street.
The owner of the store pushed the two out onto the street and that is when the fight became violent. Fitzgerald began to club Gaither to the ground. Moments later Gaither, who lived nearby at the North 25 complex, pulled a gun and shot Fitzgerald in the leg.
Craig Fitzgerald

Craig Fitzgerald

The shot broke Fitzgerald’s leg which forced him to collapsed on top of Gaither, who continued to shoot the victim three times in the chest.
According to the prosecutor’s office, Gaither will have to serve a minimum of 85 percent of his sentence, or just over 10 years, before he is eligible for parole.

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