Guilty confessions abound in Trenton Lyft rideshare murder case

Douglas Mathis saw the writing on the wall. When several co-defendants pleaded guilty in the November 2016 murder of Lyft rideshare passenger Amber Dudley, Mathis realized his best course of action was to confess his role in the plot. Mathis, 53, of Trenton, pleaded guilty last Friday to one count of second-degree robbery in a … Read more →

Trenton Lyft rideshare killer admits to slaying Amber Dudley, 2 more co-defendants confess

Three of the five people charged in connection with the grisly November 2016 murder of Lyft rideshare passenger Amber Dudley have pleaded guilty. The triggerman in the case, Ronderrick Manuel, 44, of Trenton, admits he shot and killed 27-year-old Dudley during a robbery in Trenton’s North Ward. He pleaded guilty Tuesday to first-degree aggravated manslaughter … Read more →

Five indicted in Lyft murder of Amber Dudley

Five people were indicted last week in the murder of 27-year-old Amber Dudley, the Mercer County Prosecutor’s Office said on Wednesday. Ronderrick Manuel, 43, of Trenton, who is the alleged triggerman in Dudley’s killing was indicted on two counts of first degree felony murder, one count of first degree robbery, two counts of second degree … Read more →

PROSECUTORS: Alleged gunman in fatal Lyft robbery was found with firearm during arrest

When police arrested Andrew Alston last week in connection with last November’s fatal Lyft robbery, the 39-year-old Trenton man was found in alleged possession of drugs and a handgun. On Tuesday, Alston appeared in court and consented to the state’s request calling for him to be incarcerated indefinitely without bail at the county jail as … Read more →

Alleged gunman in fatal Lyft robbery arrested

A third suspect accused in the murder of Amber Dudley has been arrested. Thirty-nine-year-old Andrew Alston, the alleged gunman who fired a shot while robbing passengers of a Lyft rideshare service in November, was arrested minutes after prosecutors sent media a release seeking the public’s help in finding him. Dudley, a 27-year-old from Collingswood, was … Read more →

Phone records show accomplice lured passengers to fatal Lyft robbery location: PROSECUTORS

As details regarding the death of Amber Dudley emerge, the case becomes more odd. At a bail hearing Thursday, prosecutors said phone records show that 32-year-old Kasey DeZolt actually lured a witness to Mechanics Avenue where a man tried to rob occupants of a car, resulting in Dudley’s death. Prosecutors previously said co-defendant Dominique Richter … Read more →

PROSECUTORS: Alleged Lyft murder accomplice organized the robbery ‘by her own admission’

One of the alleged female accomplices in last month’s grimy robbery-plot-turned-murder of Amber Dudley had her $1 million bail cut in half Tuesday while the triggerman remains at large. Dominique Richter, 31, of Hamilton, attended her bail hearing via remote video conference Tuesday morning and was inching to make a statement, asking, “May I say … Read more →

Two women charged in death of Lyft rideshare passenger

Two women have been arrested in connection with the death of Amber Dudley, who was killed during a robbery gone awry last month. Dominique Richter, 31, of Hamilton, and Kasey DeZolt, 32, of Morrisville, Pa., are both charged as accomplices in the death of Dudley, who was shot in the chest while being driven by … Read more →

Kasey DeZolt

Suspected in the Nov. 30, 2016, death of Amber Dudley.