Suspected accomplice nears deal in murder of Trenton graffiti artist

A suspected accomplice in the 2013 murder of a Trenton graffiti artist is close to reaching a deal with prosecutors. Zihqwan “Woodiey” Clemens, who was charged as an accomplice to the murder of Andre Corbett after he allegedly acted as another man’s wheelman, could reach an agreement with prosecutors as early as this month, officials … Read more →

Trenton man charged as murder accomplice gets 5 years on VOP

A probation violation on a drug conviction was the least of Zihqwan “Woodiey” Clemens’ problems. He is also facing murder charges for allegedly being an accomplice in the 2013 slaying of a Trenton man. On Thursday, the probation violation became a big problem for Clemens when things didn’t go the way he planned. Clemens pleaded … Read more →

A Trenton man caught up in the 2013 murder of city graffiti artist Andre Corbett pleaded guilty to an unrelated probation violation Wednesday, hoping it would pave the way for him to be released from jail on bail while he awaits trial for murder. Zihqwan “Woodiey” Clemens is the lone remaining codefendant of two men … Read more →

Prosecutors to co-defendant: No killer, no problem

Undeterred following the acquittal of the accused killer, prosecutors are forging ahead with their murder case against Zihqwan Clemens. But in light of the acquittal of former co-defendant and accused killer Keith Wells-Holmes, a judge next week will consider lowering the $1 million bail for Clemens. Clemens, known as “Woodiey,” is accused of driving the … Read more →

Wells-Holmes trial goes to jury

A man known on the streets as Blick was having “beef” with some people two days before Trenton graffiti artist Andre Corbett was murdered in January 2013. Blick is actually Isiah Greene, according to testimony in the murder trial of Keith Wells-Holmes. Holmes is charged with gunning down Corbett in broad daylight outside an apartment … Read more →

Trenton murder trial marked with drama, uncommon proceedings in fifth day

Bleary eyed attorneys walked out of court Wednesday following an exhausting, drama-filled day in the murder trial of Keith Wells-Holmes that required them to work through part of their lunch hour. Tempers flared as a judge wagged his finger at a defense attorney. Witnesses invoked their constitutional rights to avoid self-incrimination. And Wells-Holmes’ codefendant, who … Read more →

Alleged getaway driver granted immunity to testify at Trenton murder trial

The alleged getaway driver of Keith Wells-Holmes has been granted immunity to testify in Wells-Holmes’ murder trial, a rare move that required permission from the state Attorney General’s Office, prosecutors said. Zihqwan Clemens took the stand at a hearing outside the jury’s presence Wednesday morning and repeatedly responded to prosecutors’ questions by invoking his Fifth … Read more →

Drug dealer testifies that suspect shot, killed graffiti artist

Admitted drug dealer and convicted felon Michael Barnes said on the stand Tuesday he planned to disregard prosecutors’ subpoena to testify in the murder trial of a Trenton man accused of gunning down city graffiti artist Andre Corbett. He testified that he decided against absconding after friends told him he was mentioned in newspaper articles … Read more →

Key witnesses expected to testify about Corbett murder this week

The murder case against Keith Wells-Holmes appears to rely centrally on video surveillance and the word of a Mercer County detective. Absent a clear-cut motive and the murder weapon, a 9 mm luger which was never recovered, prosecutors could be looking to Wells-Holmes’ alleged getaway driver, Zihqwan “Woody” Clemens, and a jailhouse informant known on … Read more →

Lawyer claims police have ‘wrong man’ for 2013 Trenton murder of Andre Corbett

Defense attorneys usually operate in an arena of reasonable doubt, a high hurdle prosecutors must meet in order to convince a jury to convict someone accused of a crime. Reasonable doubt should not be confused with doubtless, which is what separates Caroline Turner from most defense attorneys. During opening statements Thursday in the murder trial … Read more →

Clemens and Wells-Holmes asking to be tried together in court

A suspected murder accomplice is insisting on going to trial with the gunman charged in the shooting death of Andre Corbett in January 2013. The prosecutor and Mercer County Superior Court Judge Robert Billmeier said trying Zihqwan Clemens, who is charged as the getaway driver, at the same time as alleged triggerman Keith Wells-Holmes could … Read more →

Alleged getaway driver offered 30-year sentence in Andre Corbett murder case

Zihqwan Clemens was offered 30 years in prison Wednesday for his alleged role as getaway driver in the shooting murder of father of 10 Andre Corbett in January 2013. Assistant Mercer County Prosecutor Tom Meidt said authorities have video and eyewitness evidence linking Clemons, 25, and the suspected triggerman, 23-year-old Keith Wells-Holmes. He allegedly met … Read more →

Suspects indicted in connection with Andre Corbett murder

Two men were indicted Wednesday in connection with the shooting death of 35-year-old Andre Corbett. Around 3 p.m. on Jan. 21, 2013, Corbett was gunned down in the 100 block of Oakland Street. He suffered multiple gunshot wounds and was pronounced dead at the scene. Court documents state that the entire incident was captured by … Read more →

Comment of the Day: ‘Restore integrity in our community’

Today’s comment of the day come from our Facebook page, where a passionate discussion developed over the case of Andre Corbett’s killing, including comments from supporters of both the victim and the accused. In that thread, Trenton community activist Darren “Freedom” Green stepped in to leave a thoughtful response. “Our health begins in our HOMES-restoring … Read more →

Corbett’s alleged killers each held on $1 million bail

TRENTON- A county judge maintained a $1 million bail for two city men who allegedly worked together to kill another man on January 23. Keith Wells-Holmes and Zihqwan Clemens appeared in front of Judge Pedro Jimenez for a bail hearing early Thursday morning. The men are charged with the murder of Andre Corbett, Trenton’s second … Read more →

Zihqwan Clemens

  • Arrested: Jan. 23, 2013
  • Age: 22
  • Gender: Male
  • Race: Black

Suspected in the Jan. 21, 2013 death of Andre Corbett.