Randy Kareem Washington arrested in connection with two murders and five armed robberies

Police have charged a city man in connection with two murders and five armed robberies.

Randy Kareem Washington, 33, is charged in connection with the murders of 43-year-old George Jamison and 64-year-old Silas Johnson. He is also charged in connection with five armed robberies that occurred in Trenton between July and October.

Make no mistake, whether it takes 24 hours or 24 months, we will utilize the full power of our resources to throw in jail anyone who perpetuates violence against our city and its resilient people,” Mayor Eric Jackson said in a written statement. Read more

Man shot and killed Tuesday morning on South Broad Street

A city man was shot and killed Tuesday morning.

It’s the city’s second reported homicide in less than 24 hours.

Police were dispatched to the 1000 block of South Broad Street around 2 a.m. Tuesday and found the victim, 48-year-old Rodney Burke, suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. Burke was then taken to St. Francis Medical Center, where he was later pronounced dead. Prosecutors say the home where he was found is his residence. Police say Burke was found inside his home, but they believe he was shot elsewhere. Read more

Holman and Martin indicted in connection with beating death of Julio Cesar Cruz

Two city men have been indicted in connection with the murder of 18-year-old Julio Cesar Cruz.

On the evening of Feb. 15, Cruz was returning home from a shopping trip with groceries in hand when two people tried to rob him. The incident occurred in the first block of Rusling Street, and according to prosecutors investigating the case, Cruz was able to bang on the front door of the home where he was living and call for help. Read more

Quran Brittingham found dead Monday near footpath to D&R Canal

The city has now experienced five homicides in less than three weeks.

Around 8 a.m. Monday, police found 21-year-old Quran Brittingham dead after officers were dispatched to the intersection of Bruce Park Drive and Edgewood Avenue to investigate a report of “unknown trouble.” Read more

Edna White indicted in connection with stabbing death of her ex-boyfriend

A city woman was indicted last week in connection with the fatal stabbing of her ex-boyfriend.

Edna White, 57, was indicted Friday on charges of murder, aggravated assault and related weapons offenses in connection with the death of 55-year-old Dwelle Jerome Clark.

According to witnesses to the murder, on the evening of Feb. 15, White stabbed Clark in the chest after he caught her rummaging through his mother’s handbag. Read more

Authorities investigating Halloween homicide in city’s West Ward

A Philadelphia man is dead after being shot near the Oakland Park Apartments Housing Complex on Coolidge Avenue around 11 p.m. on Friday, the Mercer County Prosecutor’s Office confirmed. Read more

City sued over 2012 murder of corrections officer

Businessman Eddie Baldassarri is being sued, along with the city, for the shooting murder at his nightclub of a Mercer County jail guard celebrating the reelection of President Obama in 2012.

The Chambersburg entrepreneur is targeted in a suit filed by attorney Robin Lord, who argued in legal papers just filed that Baldassarri and Trenton’s police force should have protected slain Carl Batie and other partiers that night.

The lawyer said Baldassarri hired a squad of off-duty city cops as security for the event. But none of them noticed anyone with a gun in the school parking lot across Morris Avenue when more than 20 bullets were sprayed from there into the crowded porch of the Baldassari Regency Ballroom at 1:30 a.m. on Nov. 11. Read more

Man shot and killed Wednesday near Route 1 overpass

A Burlington man was shot and killed Wednesday morning near Market Street and the Route 1 overpass.

Around 10:15 a.m. Wednesday, police scanners reported that one person had been shot and was in “traumatic arrest.” Read more

Mourners visit makeshift memorial for Iyeesha Kia Thomas

A woman who did not wish to be identified sits at a memorial for Iyeesha Kia Thomas Tuesday Oct. 28, 2014 on Brunswick Avenue in Trenton. The woman said the memorial will remain through Sunday. (JACKIE SCHEAR—THE TRENTONIAN)

A woman who did not wish to be identified sits at a memorial for Iyeesha Kia Thomas Tuesday Oct. 28, 2014 on Brunswick Avenue in Trenton. The woman said the memorial will remain through Sunday. (JACKIE SCHEARTHE TRENTONIAN)

Racha Barlow said she’s known Iyeesha Kia Thomas ever since junior high school, and the two of them spent time together the night before Thomas was killed.

Barlow said they were with several other people sitting on a stoop near the intersection of Middle Rose Street and Brunswick Avenue, where they talked, laughed and joked for several hours. Barlow said she left the stoop around 9 p.m. Saturday. But before they parted ways, Thomas pulled out Barlow’s business card.

Barlow is a poet, and for several years she has written poems that have been read at funerals for the city’s homicide victims. Barlow said she was surprised when Thomas showed her the card because she doesn’t remember giving her one.

That card - and that moment - was the first thing Barlow thought about when she learned of Thomas’ death. Read more

Trentonian Editorial: Don’t be too happy about murder lull in Trenton, learn from it

Eleven weeks without a murder is not something to celebrate. Sure, making it through August and September without a homicide in Trenton is an accomplishment, but before we celebrate, let’s admit that one murder in this city is too many.

But now looking at two murders in as many weeks, we as a city begin to grieve again. We begin to deal with loss again.

Rather than celebrate the lull, we need to learn from it and figure out what went right for those two quiet months.

Some deep introspection is called for as a city and especially as components that make up the city of Trenton. Read more