Marshalls arrest Ewing man for Trenton murder

U.S. Marshalls have arrested a man allegedly responsible for the Trenton’s first homicide of 2013 on Wednesday.

DeSean Clark, 32, of Ewing, was arrested in an Ewing apartment complex on Country Lane for the murder of James Threadgill, 54, of Trenton, just an hour into the new year.

Threadgill was killed around 1:00 a.m. New Years Day outside the Passions Nightclub. At the time of the murder, the Trentonian reported that Threadgill was shot because he allegedly cut in line at the club. It turns out that it was Clark who actually cut in line, sparking the confrontation leading to Threadgill’s death.

[Clark] went to the front of the line and Threadgill was acting as the ‘keeper of the line,’” Sgt. Mark Kieffer said.

In the ensuing verbal and eventual physical confrontation, Clark shot Threadgill twice, once in the leg and once in the head, killing him. The incident was captured on surveillance tape, allowing police to identify the suspect. Clark has been charged with murder and weapons offenses.

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