Jury finds Prall guilty of killing brother with firebomb

TRENTON – A jury has found Tormu Prall guilty of all the charges stemming from the arson murder of his brother, John Prall, and the near killing of Kim Meadows in September of 2007.

Tormu Prall

Tormu Prall

The jury deliberated for two hours, not counting an hour for lunch, before returning with the verdict at 2:45 p.m.

Meadows, the suspect’s sister and Jeneya Richardson, the mother of slain Prall’s two children, hugged each other and wept when the decision was announced.
Prall, who had mouthed off a couple of times during the trial, said nothing when the jury foreman read the guilty verdicts and said they all were unanimous.
He stands guilty of burning his brother to death after threatening to do so when the pair argued over household expenses.
The defendant and his lawyer, Mike Dawson, tried to make jurors thinks the threats meant nothing and that John Prall was killed by jealous girlfriends and Blood gangster angry that he switch mob factions.
Tormu Prall was accused of dousing his sleeping brother’s bedroom with charcoal fluid and lighting the deadly spark. In seconds, John Prall was immolating and Meadows was running for her life with flaming feet and legs.
Assistant Mercer County prosecutors Lew Korngut and Renee Robeson received hugs from Meadows after the case was closed.
Superior Court Judge Andrew Smithson called the jury one of the most attentive he’s seen in 45 years, and set the sentencing for April.
Prall faces life, plus.

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