Trenton man stabbed Saturday night dies in hospital three days later

Dwelle Jerome Clark was stabbed in the stomach by his ex-girlfriend Edna White moments after he caught her rummaging through his mother’s handbag.

He said, ‘Stay out of my mom’s things,’” witness to the stabbing Omar Mills said Wednesday.

According to Mills, after Clark, 55, uttered those words, White, 56, started hitting him with a walking cane. Clark then took the cane away from her, Mills said, and walked into his bedroom. White then grabbed a butcher knife from atop a dresser, followed Clark into his room and stabbed him in the abdomen, Mills said.

“It was senseless,” Mills said. “There was blood all over the walls and all over the floor. It was everywhere.”

The stabbing occurred late Saturday evening in the first block of Heil Avenue. Shortly after the stabbing, Clark was rushed to Capital Health Regional Medical Center. He died in the hospital Tuesday afternoon.

According to family members, Clark and White have one child together, Cynthia White, who said she was not present during the stabbing. But Cynthia said her parents have a history of arguments.

“They would argue,” Cynthia White said. “But it was never an all-out fight. My mom is a drug addict, but she hasn’t been using lately because she’s trying to get herself together. In a situation like that, it doesn’t take much for (an addict) to snap. This is not the first time my mom has snapped like this.”

And according to Cynthia, her mother killed someone else more than 30 years ago.

“My mom already has a body on her hands,” Cynthia White said. “She said it was self-defense because the guy was trying to rape her, but she went to jail.”

As of Wednesday evening, Edna White is charged with aggravated assault, unlawful possession of a weapon, and possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose.

Mercer County Prosecutors said Wednesday that Clark’s death has not yet been ruled a homicide pending an autopsy, which is scheduled for Thursday.

Edna White is scheduled for a bail hearing Friday. Her bail is set at $75,000.

I really don’t know what to think,” Cynthia White said. “It’s just a sad situation. She’s locked up and he’s no longer here. Honestly, I was mad at her. But I really didn’t know what to think.”

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