Kevin Boone rejects plea deal, faces possible 63 years if convicted of David Lewis’ murder

A suspected killer rolled the dice Tuesday by rejecting a 24-year prison term and deciding to go to trial for murder which carries a 63-year sentence if convicted.

Kevin Boone is accused of gunning down and killing David Lewis III during a dice game the evening of July 17, 2012, along East Paul Avenue in Trenton’s North Ward.

David Lewis Jr., father of the 21-year-old victim, said he was glad the suspect rejected the plea offer from prosecutors because he thinks Boone will be convicted and get almost three times 24 years when sentenced.

Some thought Boone, 23, was prepared to plead guilty to the deal offered by Assistant Mercer County Prosecutor Lew Korngut. But Boone, who appeared in an orange prison jumpsuit, signed papers rejecting the deal after consulting with his lawyer, Tina Frost.

Billmeier told Boone he could get 75 years if convicted of the murder and that it would be 63 years, or age 86, before he’d be eligible for parole.

But Boone stood up and told the judge he wanted a trial, to roll the dice. Before setting up the trial, Billmeier said he would first consult with the opposing lawyers before deciding to try Boone with or separately from codefendant Allan Q. Brookins, 23, the accused getaway driver of the getaway car.

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